About Me

Hi everyone! 

I'm Kayla, an SLP who just finished my 5th year out in the working world as a school based speech-language pathologist. I graduated with my M.S. SLP from a university in Kentucky and I now work in a rural town which houses a friendly, welcoming community, with some truly wonderful co-workers.

I recently married the man I dated for 6 years- from my senior year of high school to my last year of college. We met while he played drums in a local metal band and I was a concert goer.  We married on September 27, 2014 and have moved 4 times since then! We are finally settled in a town where we plan on staying. We adopted 2 (mostly) sweet kitties in the midst of all the craziness and they have made our lives complete. 

I also run a store on Teachers Pay Teachers where I focus on keeping therapy interesting for preschool and elementary aged students with speech-language disorders. Feel free to check out what I have to offer and watch for updates on TPTInstagram, and Facebook

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