Websites Every SLP Should Know About


Websites Every SLP Should Know About

I've compiled a list of websites that every SLP should know about! Some are paid and some are free, but they're ALL beneficial to our job. Make speech-language therapy a little easier with the help of these websites!



SLP Now has some pretty great features built into their already amazing therapy resource membership. The membership includes a caseload manager, which has a feature to assist you with keeping up with service minutes! It also includes a super-easy way to plan your lessons by easily attaching activities to your specific therapy groups. Another awesome feature is the data collection and graphing abilities! SLP Now has a lot to offer SLPs for productivity. Join today using my affiliate code KAYLASLP and get $10 off!

SLP Toolkit

SLP Toolkit has all the productivity features you'd ever need. It includes a caseload manager, scheduling feature, lesson planning tool, progress monitoring capabilities, daily data collection capabilities, and graphing features-- all included! You can easily generate reports (such as attendance) and create student goals using the goal bank. It's the all-in-one SLP membership for productivity.

Swivel Scheduler

Swivel Scheduler is a very unique membership site. Swivel is an IEP goal scheduling service to ensure that you're targeting and keeping current data on each and every goal for your students. It's able to do this by rotating through your goals so none get left behind. Swivel Scheduler truly offers a scheduling feature that you can't find anywhere else. You can also create a therapy schedule, collect data, and graph and print data charts (including averages of the last 3 sessions!)



If you're looking for a membership site that includes endless resources, this is it. In addition to the productivity features mentioned above, you get access to a wealth of resources for all ages. SLP Now has resources grouped by theme, skill, category, grade level, and more. There are paper resources and interactive resources to keep your sessions engaging. This membership might be particularly helpful during your first year as an SLP because it makes session planning so easy. However, it's also useful to cut down planning time and streamline your therapy as an experienced SLP. I've used this site with preschool-middle school for years, and I continue to sing its praises. Join today using my affiliate code KAYLASLP and get $10 off!


EdPuzzle has tons of ready-made resources for free! Using the search tool, you can browse videos with comprehension/discussion questions embedded, OR you can make your own based on any YouTube video you can find! I use this site to search for YouTube book read-alouds and then add in my own questions to target specific goals.

Jeopardy Labs

This site is AMAZING for mixed groups. There are so many activities already created by other amazing SLPs and educators available to use in the library, but you can also make your own! This is one of the most engaging websites I've found to use with my older students. They really enjoy the format and the challenge that the game creates. 


ReadWorks is FREE and is well-loved by SLPs. Easily search for engaging fiction or non-fiction reading material for a variety of ages. There are TONS of topics to choose from, and you can even select passages based on what you're targeting. This makes it easy to work on therapy goals because the questions and vocabulary will already be factored in!

Video Learning Squad

If you're looking for social language resources, this site has you covered. You get access to tons of video modeling activities, as well as supplementary worksheets and points of discussion. Each video segment gives you a guided "script" to help you guide your lessons. The videos feature children, and some have options for "younger" and "older" students, so you can truly differentiate your lessons. The best part? It's still growing. This site is young and has a lot of good things coming soon. 



This site offers countless CEU courses on almost every topic imaginable at a very affordable cost. You can take courses in various forms-- live, recorded, video, audio, or text. No matter which style of learning best fits your needs, you'll be able to find a way to get your CEUs. This site has saved me a lot of money and a lot of headaches. Check out the site using my affiliate link and use code KAYLASLP to get a FREE MONTH and start earning CEUs today!

The Informed SLP

The Informed SLP is your go-to for evidence-based practice that applies to your specific setting. In addition to their research summaries, they also offer CEU courses that are based on evidence. Don't miss out on this site!

Note: Please know this post contains affiliate links. It does not cost you anything extra to use my links, but if you go through the link and make a purchase, I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision to use any link provided is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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