Favorite Valentine's Day Apps for Speech-Language Therapy

Favorite Valentine's Day Apps for Speech-Language Therapy

I often use apps to supplement speech-language therapy. I've worked with all ages of pediatric and school-aged children, and I've found a lot of fun apps to use over the years!

Here are my favorite (free or low cost) Valentine's Day apps:

Cake Games: Cake Pop It Baking (Free with in-app purchases, ads)
Cake Games: Cake Pop It Baking

  • Summary: Create your own Cake Pops with this fun app! Pick your flavor, your icing, decorations, background, and more. My favorite part is that the food is NOT clip-art... they use real pictures!
  • Therapy Targets: Dessert/food vocabulary (names of the ingredients), following directions (first put ___ in the bowl, then mix), verbs (mix, pour, squeeze, chill, tap, drag, decorate, crack, swirl, serve, bake, etc.), life skills (kitchen practice with real pictures and kitchen vocabulary).

Crayola Jewelry Party (Free with in-app purchases)

Crayola Jewelry Party
  • Summary: This app allows students to design their own digital bracelets! The bracelet is free, with other jewelry options available upon purchase. The more you use it, the more new bead styles you can earn.
  • Therapy Targets: I consider this app more of a reward app than a teaching app, but it has its uses! I use it for articulation practice for students who like jewelry. For every 10 correct productions (or however many you choose), the student can decorate a bead to add to their own virtual bracelet! 

  • Summary: Create a digital Valentine's Day card from scratch! 
  • Therapy Targets: Color vocabulary (lots to choose from), following directions/temporal vocab/listening for details (first draw your picture, then write your message), verbs (color, draw, decorate, add, write), exclusion vocab (do not use green or blue), size vocab (small, medium, large), positional vocab (top/middle/bottom).

What apps did I miss? What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day apps for speech-language therapy?

*Price reflects the current price at the time this blog post was written. 

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