Must-Have Courses for New School SLPs

I am a subscriber and a lover of I recently talked about why I subscribed to this site in another post. For only $99, you can get unlimited CEUs for the entire year-- which is especially useful if you are just starting out or switching settings! If this is something you've been considering, take the leap and join using my affiliate link using code KAYLASLP to get a free month-- because I'm about to show you a ton of good information that's waiting for you on their site!


These are the top priority courses I would recommend to anyone who is going to work in a school setting. Whether you are a newly graduated CF (congrats!) or a veteran SLP who is changing settings, these are the courses that lay a nice foundation for working in schools. Here, you will learn the acronyms associated with working in schools, the general framework of the IEP, how to collect data, how to write school-approved SMART goals, how to use AAC in the classroom, and when it is time to dismiss students.


If you plan to work with younger children, these are some helpful courses that will prove useful in the school setting. Topics include how to use books to target language and literacy with younger students, how to analyze and treat phonological processes in young children, how to target grammar difficulties, and how to make language sampling work for you.


If you will be working with older students, these are some helpful courses that will prove useful in the school setting. Topics include how to use books to target language and literacy with older students, how to work on social language with adolescents, how to be a partner in collaborative therapy, how to target grammar difficulties, and how to target those tricky lingering sounds with older students.


Whether you have intentionally planned on going into school-based teletherapy, or you were thrown into it post COVID-19, these are some nice courses that teach the basics of getting started and how to get creative with using teletherapy with children.


Working in schools will present a fair share of issues (just as in any other setting). Here are some courses that will show you how to advocate effectively for yourself, your treatment/service delivery choices, your caseload/workload, and your students.

So again, if you think these courses might be useful to you (and I'm telling you, as a school-based SLP-- they will be VERY useful), consider joining their subscription service! You can use my affiliate link with code KAYLASLP to join now by clicking here!

Note: Please know that if you join using the links above, you are using my affiliate link. It does not cost you anything extra to use my link, but if you go through the link and make a purchase, I will earn credits. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the credits I receive from your purchases. The decision to use any link provided is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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