Favorite Halloween Apps for Speech-Language Therapy

I often use apps to supplement speech-language therapy. I work primarily with preschool and elementary-aged children, and I've found a lot of fun apps to use over the years!

Here are my favorite (free or low cost) Halloween apps:

  • Summary: This is a book app on Amazon. It can be used on the iPad and has interactive parts, which increase the engagement with my students. For example, as the eyes/nose/mouth appear, they move!
  • Therapy Targets: Basic body parts, core words "go", "away", "big", color words, shared book reading, emotions (scared/not scared).

  • Summary: This is a pumpkin carving app, but with a twist. Many pumpkin carving apps are too difficult for my youngest students (preschool) but this one is made similar to salon apps. You must prep the pumpkin by washing and drying it, then you get to remove the seeds and wipe down the inside of the pumpkin. Next, you select a pattern and carve it onto the pumpkin. Once your pumpkin is carved, you get to decorate it (select a color, accessories, and background).
  • Therapy Targets: Sequencing, parts of a whole, color words, verbs (wash, dry, clean, cut, draw, carve, scoop).

  • Summary: First, you can read a Frankenstein (re-imagined and child-friendly) story which puts a fun twist on the original and can be used to teach about acceptance. Then, you can make your very own Frankenstein! Once you build him, you can dress him up and watch him come to life!
  • Therapy Targets: Story vocabulary (curious, scientist, kind, afraid, lonely, traveled, continent, greenhouse, etc), emotions/feelings (afraid, sad, lonely, curious), body parts (brain, bones, heart), story comprehension (after reading the short story).

  • Summary: You come upon a haunted house. When the door rocks, tap to open revealing what's inside! Halloween-themed characters are behind the door. The app will speak the name of the character and the word appears. Great for a repetitive script activity!
    Therapy Targets: Core word "open", Halloween vocabulary (monster, bats, tiger, werewolf, pirate, ghost, witch, jack-o-lantern, spider, gorilla, robot, dragon, etc.), cause and effect (tap to open the door), repetitive story-line (knock-knock... who's there? PAUSE I see a ghost! Goodbye, ghost!)

What apps did I miss? What are some of your favorite Halloween apps for speech-language therapy?

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