Review: Smarty Symbols for SLPs

I'm sure everyone has heard of Smarty Symbols by now, but how many of you have used it? I've been using Smarty Symbols for many years and I've watched it grow to include more resources and become increasingly useful as the years have passed. 

Here are some ways you can use Smarty Symbols with your entire caseload!


Smarty Symbols contains over 20,000 images to choose from! That's a lot of variety, and honestly, it's a necessity! There's an image for almost everything you'd ever need, and if you can't find what you need, you can request for an image to be added to the library. The symbols include diverse characters and item varieties, and can be searched by sound (in any position). The symbols are also organized by category, which makes browsing for an image so much quicker!


One of the newer features of Smarty Symbols is the ability to create interactive games. This is extremely useful for anyone seeing virtual clients, but also for creating more engaging activities within your classroom! You can use these resources on your iPad, computer, or Smart Board. You can chose from a selection of pre-made games in the activity library or create your own games to suit your needs!


If you're needing to quickly make an activity for students on your caseload, this is where you'll want to go! You can easily drag and drop Smarty Symbols images into any of the pre-made activity templates. This is perfect for students who are working on specific skills that you can't find a pre-made activity for. In under 5 minutes, you can customize an activity specifically to what you need! There are templates for resources such as interactive books, first-then boards, sequencing strips, games, visual scenes, visual schedules, matching, categorizing, writing, comics, flashcards, device/display overlays (AAC), and MORE!


The activity library is packed with pre-made resources by other SLPs! You have the option to share any resource you create on the Smarty Symbols website with other users. There are thousands of ready-to-use activities listed, and the number just keeps growing! This is the perfect time-saving option for SLPs trying to cut down on time spent planning. You can print-and-go ready-made materials for your sessions in minutes.

In summary, Smarty Symbols has been a lifesaver for me over the years. There's a reason that so many SLPs already subscribe to this site!

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I would love for your life to become easier via the use of this site.

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