App Review: Go Sequencing by Smarty Ears

App Review: Go Sequencing by Smarty Ears

"I wish we always had this game and could play it every day!"- Actual Kindergartner

Go Sequencing is a multi-player, multi-level, multi-language app by Smarty Ears. This app was designed with differentiation and functional language in mind. With the wide range of supports offered within this range, it's appropriate for students of any age and ability level. 

With 13 levels (yes 13!!!!!), this app is a great way to provide group therapy while still meeting all of your students' needs. You can easily fade supports as the child becomes more proficient at the activity. The supports offered include visuals, text, and audio with 3, 4, 5, and 6 step sequencing options. 

There is the option to play a short video, with audio, before the sequencing activity that tells the order of events. This is useful for students who need to make sense of an event before being asked to sequence the steps. Once the child no longer needs the video, you have the option to turn it off and just let them try to sequence the pictures/text!

Reinforcement is also a breeze because the game automatically awards gold stars to students who correctly sequence the events during their first try. Brown stars are awarded to students who need more than one try to complete the task. This helps with data collection as well, because you can easily see how many sequences the student could complete on their first attempt.

Besides the variety of levels, I love that you can edit how many, if any, videos are played showing the sequence. I also enjoy that I can choose to not move to the next item automatically-- this way the student and I can discuss the current sequence before moving to the next. Also, the items are so functional-- hygiene, chores, mealtime, etc.

 Once you're done, you can view the student's progress report, create a certificate, or visit the reward center. Look how great this is! The student's data is right at your fingertips and it stays there for as long as you need it! This makes it super easy to progress monitor because you know exactly which sequences the student has done on a particular date and can compare them with updated scores to check for improvement! (Psst- it also graphs the data for you!)

An additional benefit of this app is the option to add your own sequences into the mix. The app allows you to take pictures and add texts for sequences that are important to your students, or are aligned to a specific therapy activity (hmm, who wants to make no-bake cookies?). 

As always, this app syncs with Smarty Ears' Therapy Report Center app, which is a great way to compile your students' information and data into a single app. 

Pros: So many options for customization per child with various levels of support, functional sequencing activities, simplified data collection, and automatic progress reporting.

Cons: I can't really call this a "con", but this app does contain the typical automated/ semi-robotic voice that many apps have. However, the voice is clear and easily understood and does have more inflection compared to automated voices in other apps.

Note: Please know that I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Keep in mind that even though I received this product at no cost, the opinions are all my own. I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of what I received in exchange. The decision to buy something is completely up to you.

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