What's In Your Cart? (Linky)

Hello, everyone! Who is ready for another edition of "What's In Your Cart?" Bueller? Bueller? Just kidding, I know you're all excited! I love to see what others have in their carts because it gives me even more ideas of what to put in mine!

First, let me show you some products that I recommend from my own store, Kayla SLP on TPT.

This is one of my best selling products and a personal favorite of mine. This product targets inferencing skills for KG-6th. Game boards are included, as are blank cards to create your own inference cards. Included are 30 clue cards, 6 optional game cards, blank cards, answer key, 2 game boards and a data sheet. All pages are in both color AND blackline! Simply put the cards in a stocking and let your students draw one out to guess what the gift would be! This is great for SLP language groups, but could be used for any language classroom.

This is my newest product. Synonyms Chains are a QUICK, EASY, PRINT-n-CREATE activity! The great thing about this product is that you can use it with ALL AGES and grades KG-9th. Making a chain is fun for little kids, but not too childish for older children! You can hang the finished product up in the hall or in your room as decoration. Print on any color paper to correspond to a holiday or your school colors. Very versatile! It's certainly not only limited to the holidays because the vocabulary is general vocab all students need to know. Print front-to-back in order to have a sentence example on the back of each fill-in-the-blank synonym strip. Students can use context clues by reading the sentence in order to determine a synonym for the underlined word!

Finally, my Winter Story Sequencing activities are a great addition to your winter lesson plans. This is used for students Pre-K to 6th, depending on the level of support you provide. Included are 7 Winter Themed Stories, each with a 6-Step sequencing activity (picture cards). The included stores are The Snow Day, Gingerbread Man, Building a Snowman, The Missing Reindeer, Decorating the Tree, Making Holiday Cookies, and Making a Snow Globe. These can be used into January and February!

Here's what I plan to buy during the site-wide sale:

Be sure to link up and show others what you plan to buy! Happy shopping!

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  1. Your synonym chains look awesome!! Great Idea!
    Mandi of Panda Speech

  2. I'm heading to your store to check out your inferencing and story sequence packets--they look great!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, Kayla! :)

    I really like your Synonym Chains! I think I'm going to use them as a "competition" between some of my groups! Who can get the longest chain?

  4. I need to check out your story sequencing set! Thanks for all of the suggestions! ~Linda

  5. Love your suggestions! And thanks for the shout out! We love to make chains in my speech room, so I'm going to definitely be checking out your synonym chains. :)

  6. Cute chain idea! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the synonym chains! Thanks!