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I recently made the switch to working with middle school students and I wondered... will I still be able to use my SLP Now subscription with my new caseload?!

Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about. In fact, I am using SLP Now more than ever. With the ever-growing library of activities, I always have something new and engaging to use with my students. 

These are my most used SLP Now resources with my older students. I typically search for topics by theme, then pick an article or story that goes along with the theme. Not only are the articles interesting for this age group, but they also come with plenty of related activities! You can easily work on grammar, vocabulary, articulation, WH- questions, synonyms, antonyms, context clues, fact/opinion, summarizing, inferences, multiple-meaning words, main idea, compare/contrast, and cause/effect with the activities included with each non-fiction unit. This makes it easy to plan lessons for a whole group because you can target such a variety of goals appropriate for your caseload!

What student doesn't love to watch videos?! SLP Now has an entire subset of lessons that include videos. These videos are included across therapy topics, such as receptive-expressive language, social language, science experiments, and vocational skills available on the SLP Now site.  I supplement activities with short videos for my students because it engages my student in a way that text-only sometimes doesn't. Additionally, short videos sometimes provide my students with background knowledge on a topic that they may otherwise be unfamiliar with. Therefore, video activities are quickly becoming a popular addition to my language therapy.

Inferences, summaries, and narratives, oh my! The therapist tools included within these areas are perfect for assessing, teaching, and practicing each of these skills in a systemic way. These are just a few of the skill-based lessons that you may find beneficial to use with your older students. These skills are also embedded across other activities throughout the membership, such as the non-fiction units, fiction units, and book activities, so you can practice the skills in a variety of contexts.

This is a game-changer for middle and high school SLPs. The vocational skills units included in the SLP Now membership are a phenomenal addition to the site. When preparing to transition students into the post-secondary world, these are the life skills that we can focus on in our sessions. Work on life skills such as buying groceries, ordering food, going to the movies, scheduling an appointment, and more with your students! These engaging units teach real-world skills that will benefit your students long past high school.

In summary, there are tons of ways to use the SLP Now materials with your middle and high school students. There are tons of resources and activities to meet all of your students' needs and make therapy planning a breeze. I simply cannot recommend it enough.

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