January 20, 2016

Ode to a Snow Day

Image by: Pixabay

What is it about a snow day?

Snow days evoke an array of emotions from me. Among these are a deep sense of childhood joy, inspiration and mindfulness that few things can recreate for me at this point in my adulthood.

Living in Kentucky, it's a toss up as to how our winters will turn out. Some years, we do not get any snow. Some years, such as last year (and the year before!), we are out of school for over 2 weeks because of snow. This year, when December ended and we had yet to have gotten any significant amount of snow, I was starting to worry. But thankfully, winter has arrived... and working in a county school district with many back roads, we are often out for days at a time when any amount of snow falls.

I have trouble sleeping when I know it's going to snow. That is how much I love to watch the snow fall. If feasible, I would stay up all night long just to watch the large flakes drift peacefully to the ground. In my mind, that is the most calming of sights. 

Waking up to a blanketed ground fills my heart with youthful bliss. I prefer this weather to any other. I like to sit on the couch with the fireplace crackling, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling with Misha (who becomes extra friendly during the cold winter months). I like to turn off all the lights and open the curtains to allow the bright, reflective light stream into the room.

If you're lucky enough to get snow days, take the time to enjoy them. Let time slow down, accomplish things you normally wouldn't, or just stay in your pajamas all day. What you do is up to you.

Disclaimer: I absolutely sympathize with those who have to go to work.  I do not think I would enjoy snow days nearly as much if I had to get out in them. However, I am lucky that my husband and I both are able to stay home on days when conditions are hazardous. Please do not leave negativity on my blog for this reason, and be safe on your commutes to and from work.


  1. beautiful words. thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, how I love snow days! I work for the county schools, too...lots of mountain roads, so there are days when I can get out around town (because I live in the city). Hunker down...I'd say it's probably already snowing where you are! :)