August 1, 2015

Teacher Blogger Shirt from Teacher Shirts Online!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a minute to brag on on the website Teacher Shirts. They recently had promotion where they offered free t-shirts to anyone with a teacher blogger site. Being a school-based SLP with a blog (among other social media and teacher seller accounts) I decided to take advantage of this offer in order to give my blog some much needed exposure.

Imagine the surprise of my school staff when they saw my shirt. Many thought I was just being clever (Kayla SLP just sounds like I am advertising my first name job position), but upon seeing the back of my shirt, they started asking questions. 

Some responses that I received:
"Cute shirt!"
"Clever, I like it!"
"Wait. You blog?"
"Since when?"

Equally as popular was this:
"What's blogspot?"

Each response gave me a new opportunity to expose others to my blog and my Teachers Pay Teachers account. It allowed the teachers at my school to know me a little better and appreciate the extra work I do in addition to actually working at the school. 

Want to get one of your own? Go here to order a high-quality blogger t-shirt that displays your logo. The design tool is extremely easy and I love how easy it is to upload my OWN design onto a shirt, with my choice of color. 

If you don't yet have a brand or logo, you may decide to choose one that is pre-made. They even have options for an entire staff (think how cool your SPED staff would look if you had matching team t-shirts)! 

Disclaimer: This blog post was written per request of Teachers Shirts upon receiving my free teacher blogger t-shirt. Thoughts and opinions on the quality of the shirt itself are all mine.

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