June 7, 2015

Currently {Link-Up!} June 2015

Hey everyone! As you know, I love a good link-up. Here is one from Oh'Boy 4th Grade where we can share what we are CURRENTLY up to! This should be interesting since it's getting to be summer break for most of us. It also appears that she is taking donations (ending today) to aid with the Wimberly flooding in conjunction with WAG (Wimberly Adoption Group). Be sure to check that out!

As you can tell, my summer thus far is going pretty well! I do have to go back to school for 2 days this week to complete preschool evaluations but then it's home sweet home until August. Join in on this fun link-up and enjoy your summer!


  1. I need to organize my kitchen pantry! It's a hot mess! It's all those little jobs that if I didn't have the summer off, they wouldn't ever get done!

    I have to go back to school tomorrow too! Good luck to the both of us that we get done and can enjoy our summer!

    The Learning Chambers

  2. I'm seeing a recurring theme with everyone's needing to get organized :) I can totally relate!

  3. I need to organize some stuff at my house too. Have a great summer!
    Carly and Sabra
    Sweet Deals