May 4, 2015

What's In My Cart? {LINKY PARTY for TPT's Teacher Appreciation Sale!}

It's that time again! Linky Parties are always fun to participate in, especially for newbies like myself! They're a nice way to link up to the online SLP community and spread the word of products that others might not get the chance to see otherwise. This time, Jenna is hosting a "What's In Your Cart? Linky Party" over at Speech Room News for the Teacher Appreciation Sale on TPT !  This sale gives you up to 28% off produces from May 5th-6th, but ONLY if you use the CODE: Thank You.  I am especially looking forward to this sale because 3 days ago I gained a new child on my caseload-- a child with apraxia! (And boy, is he little-- just turning 3 this week. He will also be the youngest child I've had on my caseload!) I've seen some great resources on TPT but have yet to purchase any because I've yet to have anyone on my caseload with this disorder. So while I'm sitting at home with a cat on my lap and Hercules playing in the background, I figured why not join in on the fun? Here goes!

I haven't had the chance to add new paid products in the past couple of months, but here is a freebie that you can share for Teacher Appreciation Week! I shared it on Facebook to spread the awareness.

Teacher Appreciation Freebie

by Expressly Speaking

Bubble Gum Apraxia by Jenna Rayburn

/K,G/ Interactive Flipbooks (With Editable Slides) by The Dabbling Speechie


Main Idea and Context Clues Task Cards by Rachel Lynette 

EET Companion Pack BUNDLE! by Miss Speechie

I am looking forward to seeing what's in your cart!

Until next time,