Getting to Know Your Favorite Online SLPs!

Natalie Snyders is hosting a Linky Party! This one is definitely a fun one... it's a "Get to Know Me" party! SLPs love to talk, but how often do we get to talk about OURSELVES? It's time to learn a little about the people you see on Blogspot, TeachersPayTeachers, Facebook, etc. Now is your chance to get to know me- a newbie in the SLP world.

So... Who am I?
I'm Kayla Redden, a 25 year old, newly graduated (May 2014), newly married (September 2014) SLP working in a VERY small, rural school district in western Kentucky. I've moved 4(!) times in the past 6 months and have finally settled down into a semi-permanent home with my husband, Aaron, and our kitty, Misha.  I am just finishing both my KTIP (Kentucky Teacher Internship Program) and CFY (Clinical Fellowship Year). I received my BS and MS from Murray State University.  Currently, I am working with Pre-K-6th graders 4 days a week.

What do I offer?
I offer an amount of eagerness that is not often seen. It could be because this is my first job, I am freshly graduated, still young and motived, etc. There are many reasons why this COULD be. However, eagerness and a yearning for learning (ooh, rhyme) is something I've had in me since kindergarten. I've been a strong-willed, self-motivated, people pleaser for as long as I can remember. If it were up to me, I'd stay in school forever (along with working, of course). I'm currently taking an online class to get my Rank I certification, and I keep finding more classes I'm interested in taking! Thankfully, we require CEUs (which unfortunately cost $$$) that will allow me to feed my desire to learn as time goes on.

My dream job?
Years ago, I would have said archaeologist, and in all honestly, that is STILL my #2 dream job! I've always had an obsession with ancient history and the finding of historical artifacts. I have a slight obsession with Egypt (I actually wanted to go there on my honeymoon, before all the turmoil began over there). There's something about life in the past that is super intriguing. However, my #1 dream job would have to be working with Pre-K to 3rd graders. This is an amazing age group because they're still developing so fast! It's amazing to see things click with children so young and them finally grasp a concept we've been targeting. This is also such a loving age group. I love ALL of my students; however, these guys hit a soft spot with me. I wouldn't trade the rest of them for anything though :)

3 of my favorite things:
1) I love musicals. A lot. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge.
2) I love concerts. I have seen everyone from Journey to Joan Jett to Rascal Flatts to Paramore to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Rob Zombie to A Day to Remember. I'm currently working on Motley Crue tickets.
3) I co-run a "for fun" cat page on Facebook with some of my best friends. If anyone wants to see cute cat pictures to make your day a little better, I suggest you check out the Western Kentucky Society of Feline Enthusiasts ;)

Who else should you know?
You should check out Cat Says Meow and Smart Mouth SLP as well!

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  1. I can hear the enthusiasm in your post! Keep it up, and congrats on everything!

  2. Thanks for linking up! :)

    I love musicals and cats, too!

  3. I'm in a very small, rural district, too!

  4. Hi! I LOVE musicals too (before I was a mom I did musical theater!!). I work in a very small district and one medium size district. Are you almost done with your CF? Congrats your marriage!

    1. #3 dream job- starring in musicals! Haha. I finish my KTIP on Thursday and my CF in the next couple of weeks. I'll be so glad when everything is turned in and I'm no longer working on 50 projects at once!!!!!!

    2. So nice to meet you! I love that there is a way for all of us to connect. My blog is at or on Facebook as speechstrategies

  5. Keep that enthusiasm! It will help with the rough days. :)

  6. How can you go wrong with cats, musicals and concerts? Loved getting a sense of your energy!