February 24, 2015

What's In My Cart (Linky Party!)

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Hi, everyone! I am participating in my first linky party- woo! I have linked up with Speech Room News and I am so excited to see what everyone has in their carts in preparation for tomorrow's sale on Teachers Pay Teachers. I am an avid thrifter, so let me be the first to say that sales are my favorite.

I've had some items in my cart for a while now that I have been anxiously looking forward to buying. The best part is, tomorrow is our first day back after being out of school for 9 snowy days (during which time I left my paycheck at the school) so not only will there be a sale, but my bank account will be replenished and ready for some online shopping for fun new therapy materials!

Here's why you should be excited about tomorrow's sale:
Like many other SLPs on TPT, everything on SLP Word Play (TPT) will be 20% off!!! But not only that- use the code HEROES to receive an extra 10% off!

Here's a product I recommend from my story. I created it over our "unplanned winter break" last week.  This activity is intended to be used to target following directions with elementary-high school aged students. This particular activity targets following 1,2,3 step directions, basic concepts (colors, location, size, shape), compass directions: north, south, east, west (for older children), and varying difficulties of directions (first/then, before/after, etc). This product is useful when trying to integrate  GEOGRAPHY into SPEECH/LANGUAGE THERAPY.

Here are some items from other sellers that are in my shopping cart, awaiting tomorrow's sale:

1.This product from Schoolhouse Talk looks to be a necessity for me. I love two things about this product: It helps with progress monitoring (which can be an absolute pain in the rear) AND it's EDITABLE! So even if the product doesn't suit the exact needs of the caseload, it can be modified to fit. Yay!

2. This product has rave reviews on Nicole Allison's TPT. My thoughts are that anything that simplifies vocabulary works for me. I have a hard time getting teachers to hand over their vocabulary words, especially since I work with PreK-6th and each teacher has new words each week. When I try to find my own vocab, I become overwhelmed at the choices. This product can help narrow down what to target and how to progress up the ladder of difficulty. For that, I am thankful.

3. I've had my eye on Natalie Snyders' Language Progress Monitoring Tool for quite some time now. My upper level students are some of the more difficult ones to keep progress data on because they are working on so much language! I have hopes that this tool will simplify the process. As stated before, anything that makes progress monitoring easier is a product for me.

4. Who here has taken a language sample, sat back to analyze and thought, "Wait. What am I even looking for?!" No one? It's only me? Nah, it happens to the best of us and that's why I need this product. A basic staple in my collection of checklists, and School SLP on TPT has it up and ready for me to use!


5. Last but not least, I have Figuratively Speeching's tool for aiding in the comprehension of test questions and directions. This vocabulary is some of the MOST important for our students when it comes to their classroom performance. A student will have a hard time taking and passing a test when they can't even completely understand the directions. I love that this activity focuses on the vocabulary that is sometimes forgotten!

 Thanks for checking out my cart! Head back to the linky party and see what everyone else has in their carts as well!


  1. Thank you so much for putting something of mine on your list! I have used that same language sample checklist 3 times this week while analyzing conversation samples :) It's a gem!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! I hope you LOVE the rubrics!

    Schoolhouse Talk